Datarhei/Restreamer is free open source live video streaming on your website without streaming provider.


✓ Available out of the box  
☑ Feature is supported by an external plugin or with extra configuration but not of the box  
? Unknown  
☓ Not supported  

Datarhei/Restreamer core features:

Feature   Explanation
Live Web Video Streaming Out of the box free video streaming server to stream directly on your website
HLS Video Streaming Streaming without Adobe Flash - Restreamer is using HLS HTTP Streaming
HTML5 Open Source Video Player Responsive open source video player for every device
Multiple Streaming Works with more than 1 video source
Audio Audio is supported
Password protection Default username:password datarhei:restreamer
Browser User Interface Configure Datarhei/Restreamer in your browser
Snapshot Automatic generated and customize frequenzy
HTTP-API Start developing your own applications on GitHub
100% Data control Datarhei/Restreamer guarantees full control of your video data
Docker Multi plattform support with Docker and Docker Hub
Downloadable Image Just download and write image on memory card for ARMv6l/ARMv7l plugin and start
Operating Systems:    
Single Board Computer ARMv6l ARMv7l (Raspberry Pi 1/2/Zero) and Odroid
Linux OSS rockz!
Windows/MacOS Easy installation with Docker-Toolbox (Kitematic)


Input video sources

Video Source   Explanation
IP/Network Camera Supporting H.264 - RTP, RTSP, RTMP
Raspicam Raspberry Pi Camera Board Module
USB Camera If supported by Linux
Action Camera GoPro had been tested
Encoder Supporting H.264 - RTP, RTSP, RTMP - H.264
H.264 H.264 sources work

Output external RTMP live video:

Video Destination   Explanation
Direct Datarhei streaming Put your iFrame on your website and start streaming for free
YouTube Stream live to YouTube.com howto
Ustream Ustream.com
Livestream.com Livestream.com
Twitch.tv Supporting H.264 - RTP, RTSP, RTMP - H.264
WOWZA Push to every WOWZA Streaming Engine howto
Adobe Media Server Push to Adobe Media Server
Red5 Push to open source streaming server Red5
Datarhei Partner Professional streaming http://www.video-stream-hosting.com/

Video player

Datarhei/Restreamer is using Clappr.io as video player.

Feature   Explanation
High Resolution 4k Video All resolutions are supported even 4k
Watermark Put you own corporate Logo in the Player
Branding Cutomize control bar to your company colours
Player Poster Snapshot as background if video is stoped or during loading
Player size Set with width and height paramters in HTML
Analytics Integrate your Google Analytics

Supported browser

HLS Support  
Microsoft Internet Exlorer 10
Microsoft Internet Exlorer 11
Microsoft Edge
Mozilla Firefox
Google Chrome
Apple Safari
WiiU Browser
PS4 Browser

Simultaneous running third party tools

Third Party Tool  
FFMPEG - Swiss Army Knife
Icecast ?
GoPro Action camera ?


Video Player   Explanation
E-Mail Ask questions via email (Mo-Fr 24h response time)
Forum on Google Groups Ask quesions in our support forum 12-24 (Mo-Fr 24h response time)
Chatroom Webchat to ask questions in our chatroom
GitHub Developer support on GitHub
Instructables Detailed step by step user instructions with videos and more for the novice user
YouTube Step by step user instructions on Datarhei channel
Wiki Hundreds of informations round video streaming microcosm
1:1 Chat Chat 1:1 with one of our core members in private webchat or Skype