Setup Restreamer

In order to be able to push your stream to YouTube, the stream must contain an audio track and it has to be encoded either in AAC or MP3. If this is not already the case you can force the encoding of the audio stream by setting the environment variable RS_AUDIO to either aac or mp3.

If your stream doesn’t contain an audio track or you do not want to push the audio of your stream to YouTube, set the environment variable RS_AUDIO to silence. This will replace the audio track with silence, encoded in AAC.

Check out the environment variables reference for how to set the value for RS_AUDIO.

Read more about the stream requirements.

Setup YouTube

  • Log in into your YouTube account
  • Make sure that your YouTube channel is enabled for live streaming. Read more.
  • Go to your live dashboard

Scroll down and you’ll find the YouTube RTMP-URL and your personal unique streaming ID after clicking on “reveal”. YouTube RTMP-URL

Your RTMP-URL that you need for Restreamer will look like rtmp://

Push to YouTube

To push your video stream to YouTube, you have to check the field “External RTMP-Streaming-Server” and enter the RTMP-URL from above into the field … YouTube Streaming

… and press “Start”:

YouTube Streaming

Once the process has been successfully initiated, the stream should also be seen at YouTube-Live. Please be patient, this may take a few of seconds.

Perfect Stream Health

Stream Health

Depending on the bitrate of your stream, YouTube may complain a bit (changing the color from green to orange), but this is OK.

OK Stream Health Stream Health

On the managmenet interface of your IP camera, you often have the possibility (depending on the manufacturer) to adjust the bitrate of the output stream. Please read more about the stream requirements.