Update Restreamer

To update the Restreamer without loosing the data of the input fields it is required to start the Docker-Image with -v /path/to/local:/restreamer/db (details) or a activated volume in Kitematic (Docker Toolbox) (details)!

OSX / Windows

  1. Open Kitematic and click in the running Restreamer on stop: Kitematic
  2. Delete the old image: Kitematic
  3. Start the image again: Kitematic
  4. Enable the volume again: Kitematic
  5. Insert your enviroments again (more here)



1. Stop and remove the running Restreamer:

  docker stop restreamer && docker rm restreamer

2. Download the new image. Please do not forget to add the right arm-tag if used:

  # for amd64 CPUs
  docker pull datarhei/restreamer:latest  

  # for arm32v7 CPUs Raspberry Pi 2, Pi 3, ...
  docker pull datarhei/restreamer-armv7l:latest

  # for arm64v8 CPUs
  docker pull datarhei/restreamer-aarch64:latest

  # for arm32v6 CPUs
  docker pull datarhei/restreamer-armv6l:latest

3. Start the Restreamer again (please remember to modify if you have your own configuration):

  docker run -d --restart always \
    --name restreamer \
    -p 8080:8080 \
    -v /mnt/restreamer/db:/restreamer/db \