Welcome to the Restreamer documentation, which helps you to install and configure Restreamer for your device. All other questions about the streaming microcosm and technical facts are explained in our Wiki.

Restreamer is built on Docker. If you don’t know Docker, don’t be scared. Extensive knowledge isn’t required!


  • An IP camera, USB camera, or RaspiCam
  • A x86_64 or ARM computer running Windows, macOS, or Linux
  • A working Docker installation

Quick start

Assuming that you already have a device with Docker running on it, fire up the console and type:

$ docker run -it --rm -p 8080:8080 datarhei/restreamer:latest

Choose the image datarhei/restreamer-armv7l:latest if you are running it on a device with an ARM CPU in 32bit mode.

Open your browser, load the URL http://your-device-ip:8080/ and enter admin as username and datarhei as password. Now you are ready to stream!

Streaming Guides

Check our user guides on the left to find out more about how to stream your IP Camera, your Raspicam, or your USB Camera.

Installation Guides

For more details on how to run Restreamer on your device, please refer to our installation guides:

Configuration Guides

You can customize your Restreamer by setting different environment variables, e.g. for changing the login for the GUI, the snapshot interval, or tampering the audio track of your stream.