Installation Windows / macOS


  • 64bit Intel or AMD CPU
  • OSX 10.10.3+ (Yosemite or later) or Windows 10 (Professional or Enterprise)

For other macOS or Windows versions, you can download the legacy Docker Toolbox.


  1. Download and install Docker Desktop. You have to login in order to start the download.
  2. Open Kitematic Kitematic
  3. Search for “restreamer” and select the “restreamer” image without “arm-“-tag: Kitematic Search
  4. Finally Kitematic is running the Restreamer container: Kitematic Started
  5. Open the Restreamer user interface by clicking on “WEB PREVIEW”: Restreamer Login

The default login is:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: datarhei

It is highly recommended to change the username and password.

Important customizations

  1. Click on the volume path and “Enable volumes”. This allows Restreamer to store the current state in a place where it can be restored when you restart the container: Kitematic Volumes
  2. We highly recommend to change your password and username: Kitematic Password

Customization to embed the player on your website

If you want to embed the video player on your website, you have to forward the port of Restreamer generated by Kitematic from your router to your host system.

  1. Select a custom port like 32000: Kitematic Port
  2. Open the Restreamer in your browser by entering in the URL bar

  3. To setup the port forwarding in your router, please check your router’s the manual.