You want to buy you a network camera and need to know what is recommended for operation with Restreamer.

Basic Requirements

  1. RTSP protocol
  2. H.264 video output
  3. Network connection via WiFi/LAN/3G/4G/WAN**

720p (1280x720 px) resolution is a good measure of streaming video on the internet. YouTube & Ustream accept any video live streams at 720p or higher.

A list with Raspberry Pi stuff, network cameras (USB, Indoor/Outdoor-Wifi, Static Indoor/Outdoor, Outdoor-PTZ) and accessories for your Restreamer camera project could be found here.

Build your own DIY IP-Camera with Restreamer

If you like to be a part of the global DIY community try building your own ip-camera with a Raspberry PI and Datarhei/Restreamer. Some great tutorials could be found here.

Get inspired on Pinterest

Meet us on Pinterest to take a look at many awesome projects of DIY cameras which could be all perfectly combined with the Restreamer.