Buy Hardware

Before buying hardware check the requirements for the use with Restreamer.

Our product links point to the “Datarhei Amazon Partner Shop” in Germany. It should be not a big thing if you take the name of the product and search for it in your countrys Amazon or the shop of your trust to buy the product of your choice there.

  1. Raspberry Pi
  2. USB-Cameras - The entry in your streaming experience!
  3. WiFi-Cameras - Indoor/Outdoor network cameras with wireless LAN.
  4. Indoor Static - The entry into the network camera world.
  5. Outdoor Static - For most projects a static outdoor camera is the first choice.
  6. Outdoor PTZ - The all-rounder for ambitious projects.
  7. DIY IP-Cameras - To build your own network camera is not so difficult as you think!
  8. Accessories - Usefull things for your camera project.

If you have no fear to buy hardware over or Ebay you could get quite good cameras for a low price from HIKVision.